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Language Arts Classrooms

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Links for Language Arts Teachers -


Peer-review is the act of having another writer read what you have written and respond in terms of its effectiveness. This reader attempts to identify the writing's strengths and weaknesses, and then suggests strategies for revising it. Writing@CSU offers some common guidelines to follow in any peer-review situation. Included are suggestions of questions to ask about both the qualities of the essay and its structure. (5/17/14 09:45)


The Folger Shakespeare Library has released all of Shakespeare’s plays as fully searchable digital texts, downloadable as pdfs, in a free, scholarly edition. When more than one version exists, editors have chosen which version to use as their base text, and then amend that text with words, lines, or speech prefixes from the other versions that make for a better or more accurate text. (3/22/14 11:18)


Big Dog’s Grammar Here you have a list of the bare essentials of grammar. If getting your point across in writing or making someone think you know what you're talking about is ever important to you, you have to get a handle on these things! (3/8/14 10:17)


Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear. Paste in something you're working on and edit or click the Write button to compose something new. Hemingway highlights long, complex sentences and common errors. (2/22/14 10:32)


Ifaketext.com Fake iPhone text message screenshot generator. (2/22/14 10:36)


With more than 2 million language nodes for you to explore, the Wordflex Touch Dictionary for iPad is the next step in the evolution of the English dictionary and thesaurus.Developed in association with Oxford University Press – it's fun, fascinating and offers the first truly tactile, interactive reference for word lovers. Intuitive “mind-mapping” technology turns word entries into dynamic trees that you can easily move, shape, rearrange, save, and share. (2/7/14 10:24)


Explore the world through literature with the LitMap Project, the geographic book database. Books are mapped onto the LitMap by where they take place or the place they are about: nonfiction, fiction, mystery, science fiction, any kind of literature that can be associated with a specific geographic location. (2/1/14 10:07)


Newsela is an innovative way for students to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. Newsela builds close reading and critical thinking skills. Give your students a new way to climb the staircase of nonfiction reading comprehension, from fourth grade to college-ready. (2/1/14 10:03)


Find similar or opposite words at WordHippo as well as a bunch of other stuff, too. Find definitions, translations, rhyming words, origins, plurals/singulars, tenses, use in sentences, and much, much more. (1/10/14 11:27)


News-O-Matic offers children from 7 to 11 their first daily newspaper! The editorial team produces five news stories each day, covering the latest in world news, science, sports, as well as the wacky stories kids love. (1/10/14 11:08)


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