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Mathematics Classrooms

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Links for Math Teachers


STEM Sheets Customizable worksheets and flash cards for math and science. These worksheets are a great way to practice basic math/science skills. Customize the number of problems, difficulty, and more. (5/30/14 07:59)


Whether you want free math help online or you simply need to understand the fundamentals of a particular concept related to geometry, calculus, algebra, pre-algebra, etc., look no further than Studygeek.org. you can find online math help free for a variety of math related problems, but you can also choose to study lessons made by experienced tutors. (4/26/14 09:15)


Shooloo has the world’s largest repository of student-authored Common Core-aligned math word problems, suitable for on-line learning, worksheet, discussion, and assessment. It is the perfect medium for cooperative learning, discovery learning, interactive learning, journaling, peer coaching, peer response, problem solving, questioning, reciprocal teaching, reinforcement, review, and writing. (4/19/14 09:52)


Math & Movement™ shows you how using movement as part of your math teaching can help kids learn more, retain more and gain valuable basic skills while exercising their bodies as well as their minds. Using simple techniques and fun exercises, you can introduce the fundamentals of arithmetic and early algebra concepts to children of all ages. (4/12/14 15:13)


Asset: Mathactive: Coordinate Geometry shows how coordinate geometry works and how easy it really can be. The four-step lesson first introduces you to the story of how Descartes came up with his idea. The second step shows how to place coordinates on a grid, and how to write an ordered pair. Practice with some problems, and show what you’ve learned.  (4/5/14 09:43)


Gridzzly is a simple tool for anyone who uses grid, graph, or ruled paper. Fine-tune the pattern you need for printing: choose the shape (dots, lines, squares, or hexagons), move the slider to adjust the spacing, and print. The ruler at the top helps with the sizing. (3/29/14 10:37) 


Seeing Music This lesson allows students to consider the mathematics involved with musical scales. Students will calculate terms of a geometric sequence to determine frequencies of the chromatic scale. They will then compare sine waves to see and hear the trigonometry behind harmonious and dissonant note combinations. (3/8/14 10:20)


Vector Investigation – Boat to Island Move the boat around the water by changing the magnitude and direction of the boat's speed or the magnitude and direction of the water current. Try to land the boat on the island — but be careful not to hit the walls! (3/8/14 10:25)


Tables Generator lets you create LaTeX, HTML, text, markdown, and MediaWiki tables quickly and easily. Set the desired size of the table, paste or type the table data, adjust text alignment and table borders, click the "Generate" button to see the table's source code -- copy and paste it to your document. (2/28/14 17:32)


Danica McKellar hosts a whimsical math show on YouYube's Nerdist Channel. The show "Math Bites" airs on Thursdays and explores everything from learning how to do math in your head to understanding binary numbers and percents. The episodes include catchy tunes to help viewers remember why math is important to use in everyday life. (2/15/14 12:15)


DLD Calc - Calculator is a free Android app that solves any fraction operations in the same way you would do. It resolves fractions by steps, simplifying and visualizing the operation in a practical and simple way never seen before. (2/15/14 11:47)


Trivial Pursuits and Algebraic Models The purpose of this 1 day hands-on activity is to help students learn to use variables and to write equations to model a problem situation. Helps students learn how to work simple "word problems" by actually doing what is said. Introductory algebra; maybe intermediate algebra also. (2/7/14 10:30)


Grapher comes preinstalled on Apple computers. Create graphs of equations so that you can visualize the results. You can enter a variety of mathematical functions and see them displayed in two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphs. You can even animate your graphs and create movie files of them. (1/25/14 10:20)


Create your own worksheets to visualize, interact with, and explore the amazing world of mathematics. MathDisk online is absolutely free  for everyone. Type textbook expressions without any need for specialized syntax. Enrich your math worksheet with image effects and videos. (1/17/14 17:32)


InterMath is a professional development effort designed to support teachers in becoming better mathematics educators. It focuses on building teachers' mathematical content knowledge through mathematical investigations that are supported by technology. (1/4/14 09:45)



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