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Other Classrooms

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Links for Art, Music, PE, Language and Other Teachers 


MUSIC Popular Music and the Civil Rights Movement shows how rock musicians used their art to address political issues with popular music. Investigate the impact of music icons such as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Joan Baez on political and social issues of the 1960s. Learn how R & B musicians such as James Brown and Aretha Franklin addressed the struggle for civil rights. (6/6/14 11:18)


TYPING  The TypingClub School Portal gives you the ability to completely manage your students' typing progress. You can setup your classes, design engaging typing lessons, and track student progress. (6/3/14 07:49)


MUSIC New York Philharmonic Kidzone gives you lots of ways  to try your hand at composing music. Meet some young composers who have worked with the NY Philharmonic Orchestra, listen to their music, and watch some brief videos. Play the Musical Mingles game even if you don’t know how to read music. Arrange the four different “mingles” to make different sounds. You can hear compositions that others have made, too. Decide which combination of instruments play a piece of music and listen to your masterwork. (4/26/14 09:34)


 HEALTH The BioDigital HumanTM is a virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform. (1/17/14 10:36)


MUSIC After you review the instruments of the orchestra, and learn about how the instruments of each era played together, you are ready to play Perfect Pitch. Create your own sound by the selection of which players you want to include in your music. Experiment with the instruments available in each era to see how different combinations work. When you are ready, play by answering questions about the instruments. Listen to the questions, hear the explanations, and score as many runs as you can. (1/10/14 11:18)


ART  Art Critiques Made Easy will help you extend students' thinking so that art critiques are rewarding experiences for both you and your students. Whether students are creating original plays, visual artworks, dance pieces, or music compositions, the following tips will help exercise students' critical thinking muscles and enable them to dig deeper into the art-making process. (10/26/13 10:22)


GUIDANCE ApplyKit manages your college selection process. ApplyKit helps you securely keep all that school information-- as well as other important facts such as deadlines, drafts of essays, checklists and feedback from parents and teachers-- in one place, to be accessed wherever you can get online. (10/26/13 10:16)


ART  ArtBabble is a website that showcases high quality art-related video content from more than 50 cultural institutions from around the world. ArtBabble is an energetic place to learn for everybody who loves and has an interest in art and particularly for educators who can use it as a way to support their classroom activities. ArtBabble brings art content from different places and perspectives together, easily accessed and found.  (10/26/13 09:59)


ART  The Louvre's "Closer Look" interactive multimedia modules allow you to see the details of an artwork through a magnifying glass, while commentaries and animations give you its historical and artistic background. (7/12/13 10:06)


ART Artopia: Sculpture As you enter the lobby, you have an array of choices to help you learn more about sculpture. Begin with the one-minute movie that gives a brief look of sculpture throughout history. In the Sculpture Studio find out about three ways of producing sculptures: carving, casting, and modeling. The interactive lets you manipulate the tools needed for each type of sculpture. Short videos introduce several sculptors as they talk about how they create. Try your hand at being an art critic. (5/24/13 10:28)


MUSIC Learn Listening Online provides an extremely useful set of materials for teachers and students of music. It is very flexible and may be used by individual students or by groups of students, at home, within a library or at school. Each concept and explanation is accompanied by at least one short musical extract, providing detailed and comprehensive guidance. Key concepts, instruments and explanations are cross-referenced so that they can be easily accessible. (4/19/13 10:14)


LANGUAGES This innovative language learning video game will complement students’ classroom English language instruction through interactive 3-D multimedia learning adventures. Trace Effects is geared for players aged 12-16. (4/19/13 10:08)


HEALTH HealthTeacher is the interactive leader in youth health, creating games, apps, and educational resources to make health awesome for kids. HealthTeacher's research-based products are designed to get kids moving and to develop healthy behaviors that last a lifetime. Reaching over 6 million kids through its fast-growing network of 11,000+ schools, HealthTeacher’s interactive products are used by teachers, parents, and kids to address important youth health issues, including physical activity, nutrition, and social and emotional well-being. (3/16/13 09:50)


HEALTH BioEd: The Science of Food and Fitness is a PDF publication from the Center for Educational Research at the Baylor College of Medicine that helps students explore what makes up a calorie, how food provides energy, and how nutrients work in the body. Students learn to visualize what the recommended serving on a food label actually looks like. They also find out whether what they are eating is meeting their nutritional needs. Finally they are challenged to make menus to meet the dietary requirements of people with different needs. (3/2/13 09:59)


LANGUAGES Babbel is the new way to learn a foreign language. The comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. Interactive online courses will improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills in no time. You'll make fast progress and have fun doing it. (2/9/13 10:02)


ART My Art Gallery is your chance to discover how curators put together exhibitions by doing it yourself online! You will be using the Seattle Art Museum's collection of art from cultures around the world to build your own exhibition. Using fun examples and rollovers, learn just what it takes to create your own exhibition. All of your activity will be recorded in an online notebook. At the end, after you've created your first exhibit, you will be able to add and research more artwork from your notebook. (2/2/13 10:22)


MUSIC The Pattern Block Rock activity connects your knowledge of geometric shapes and equivalency to musical notes and rhythms.  Simply choose your pattern blocks and press play — your pattern will transform into a musical composition you can see and hear! (1/12/13 10:18)


HEALTH PE Scholar is a community website aimed at providing a range of high quality and innovative PE articles and resources that can be shared by those involved with physical education and sports coaching. (12/15/12 10:47)

MUSIC LessonFace is a high-performance video conferencing platform for students and teachers to connect for online music lessons all over the world. LessonFace is for those wanting to learn to make music, or learn to make music better, and for the teachers who have the talent and charisma to lead them to those goals. (11/23/12 15:20)


HEALTH  BAM Activity Cards Is there an activity you want to know more about? Not sure of how to play or what gear you'll need? It's all right here on this site from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (9/29/12 16:11)


ART The Kennedy Center instituted ARTSEDGE in 1996 as its educational media arm, reaching out to schools, communities, individuals and families with printed materials, classroom support, and Internet technologies. (9/21/12 10:44)


HEALTH PBS Teachers Health & Fitness content has been contextualized within the grade-subject pages on the new PBS Teachers site. Find lesson plans, videos, and online and offline activities in health and fitness. The lessons are organized by grade level. You can search by topic, media type, and PBS program to find what suits your curriculum. (9/15/12 10:58)


MUSIC Arts Education K-6 Music Lessons from California State University feature music instruction for grades K-6, but also show how to integrate other arts disciplines with music instruction. Many of the lessons include integration with visual art, some with dance. The lesson plans include objectives, procedure, vocabulary, materials list, and often references for further study. (9/15/12 10:50)


LANGUAGES The Road to Grammar is a site for ESL, TESL, EFL, TEFL, TOEFL, grammar and vocabulary practice. It includes quizzes, extra practice, games, and downloads. (9/8/12 11:11)


MUSIC QuaverMusic.com seeks to create and maintain an exciting, fresh, and accessible world of music education for children of all ages. Essential characteristics of QuaverMusic are to be: exciting by being innovative, fresh by adding/refining features, accessible by using latest technology. (7/21/12)


LANGUAGES Livemocha calls itself “the world’s largest language learning community”. It is an ever-evolving experiment in community language learning. With 12 million members and 38 languages, it’s hard to exhaust the resources of this site. Target language speakers can earn points by reviewing the assignments of target language learners. (5/26/12 09:06)


ART ArtsConnectEd is an interactive Web site that provides access to works of art and educational resources from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center for K-12 educators, students, and scholars. (5/12/12 09:22)


ART In All Around the Baseball Field students will explore the sport of baseball as they construct a mock baseball field using an assortment of materials. Students will then work in collaborative groups to examine baseball through art, movement, and sound. They may perform a skit showing the physical movements used in baseball, create a picture or a painting about the sport, or create an audiotape capturing the sounds of the game. Students will share what they learned in their individual group work with the entire class through oral presentations. (5/5/12 09:47)


MUSIC Musicards is an ever-growing collection of highly-customizable online music theory flash cards. These music flashcards can be used by beginning music students who are becoming acquainted with key music rudiments, all the way up to intermediate and advanced students who wish to fill in gaps here and there or increase fluency with existing knowledge. (4/28/12 12:52)


ART How Art Made the World Classroom activities for middle and high school students designed to enrich the study of Art. Each lesson includes learning objectives, related national content standards, a list of tools and materials needed, the time necessary to complete each lesson, and additional online resources.The lessons reference content that exists on the How Art Made the World website, the PBS program series, and other websites. (4/21/12 12:47)


MUSIC In this Instrument Lab from Canada's National Arts Centre Orchestra you can listen to and "virtually" handle all the instruments of the orchestra. There are strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion sections. (3/31/12 14:04)


HEALTH Inner Body To see detailed human anatomy charts and gather in-depth anatomy information, click any of ten human body systems. Where would you like to begin your exploration of human anatomy? Learn about human physiology as you study anatomical charts and models of every system in the human body! (3/31/12 14:18)


HEALTH How We Hear Do dogs and cats have better hearing than people? Join Proton the cat as he tests the Professor's latest invention, goggles that allow us to SEE sound waves. Take an auditory tour of the lab and learn sound in a way that cannot be duplicated in classroom materials. (3/31/12 13:43)


ART Pigments through the Ages is one of several exhibits in the WebExhibits online museum, all of which promote discovery through multidisciplinary approaches that support all learning styles. (3/10/12 13:28)


MUSIC Educational Musicals publishes children’s musicals, pantomimes, assembly pieces,  and song books aimed at children 7-14 years old. Educational Musicals wants children to feel part of  history and are confident  that, when they take part in a historical play with music which they can’t help singing, they will learn their history by default. (2/18/12 09:07)


ART ArtThink offers a glossary of art terms, illustrated by objects in the museum; a game where students can use their powers of observation to find small details in paintings from the museum; and a section on art basics which discusses and illustrates basics of art such as line, shape, color, and texture. Presented by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. (2/25/12 08:00)


HEALTH Riddles & Brainteasers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences includes hundreds of brainteasers and riddles. You are provided with the answers for every one so you can check to see how well you did. (2/11/12 09:08)


LANGUAGES Linguascope contains hundreds of language games and activities developed to match curriculum requirements. The games are organized in topic areas. Each topic area is composed of a series of activities and accompanied by a printable worksheet that can be used as extension or consolidation work at the end of a lesson, or for homework. (12/17/11 12:06)


LANGUAGES EveryDayELL.com offers high-quality classroom materials for teaching  ESL coupled with research-based teaching tips for K-12 teachers of ELLs, community and college ESL instructors of adults, university teacher education students, and international TESOL instructors. (12/10/11 09:01)


LANGUAGES theswitchboard works with creative authors, language teachers and IT professionals to bring you interesting and thought provoking products to help you teach languages. (11/26/11 09:06)


 LANGUAGES StudyStream is a language learning website using media to help learners with vocabulary and speaking a foreign language by showing vocabulary used in a natural setting so that it will appeal more to students. (11/19/11 10:15)


LANGUAGES From EmbedPlus learn from real life with video-based pronunciation dictionary and word usage examples. You get to not only hear the word but see facial gestures that can help you reproduce pronunciations. Research suggests that exposure to language surrounding a pronunciation, as videos provide, can significantly benefit a learner. (10/29/11 09:16)


LANGUAGES Interactive Whiteboard Tools A selection of interactive whiteboard tools from TES English that can be used to support teaching and learning in a number of subjects across a range of topics or texts. Includes tools for creating interactive whiteboard games, activities and quizzes. (10/22/11 09:17)


LANGUAGES Verbling Pair up with a native speaker of the language you are learning. Speak their language for 5 minutes, then English for 5 minutes. Select from Beginner, intermediate, or Advanced conversations. (10/01/11 09:00)


LANGUAGES Expand Your French, where you will find a variety of high quality, stimulating basic French learning resources (Vocabulary Flash Cards, Vocabulary Posters, Vocabulary Worksheets) with spoken pronunciation. These will make learning French fun and easy. (9/17/11 09:42)


LANGUAGES Fluency Prof is for students learning Spanish offering free listening activities of different types, such as dialogues, legends, myths, phrases, and celebrations. (9/3/11 10:08)


LANGUAGES Digital Dialects features free-to-use online language learning games in 60 languages. Language resources include games for learning phrases, numbers, useful words, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets. Games use Macromedia Flash Player. (8/20/11 12:48)


LANGUAGES LearnEnglish online with the help of this free website from the British Council with games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises. (8/20/11 12:13)


PHYSICAL EDUCATION NASPE Teaching Tools NASPE offers an array of teaching tools and guidance documents to help you engage with your students, implement best practices, educate parents, and motivate children to engage in a lifetime of physical activity. (8/20/11 12:10)


GUIDANCE CampusExplorer.com has compiled everything you need for a college search in one site. Their database contains information on more than 8,000 schools, and counting. It's accurate. It's easy to use. It's the most comprehensive directory devoted to higher education you'll find anywhere on the web. And it's free! (8/6/11 10:33)


HEALTH BAM! Body and Mind is created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Designed for kids 9-13 years old, giving them the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. The site focuses on topics important to kids — such as stress and physical fitness — using kid-friendly lingo, games, quizzes, and other interactive features. It also serves as an aid to teachers, providing them with interactive, educational, and fun activities that are linked to the national education standards for science and health. (7/22/11 1:33 PM)


ART Cézanne and Beyond Based on the remarkable resources of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, both in its holdings of major works by Cézanne and in its large collections of early modernist works this show is a unique occasion to experience the continuing impact of this influential painter. (6/18/11)


HEALTH GP’s Honey Tomes is a place where you are invited to explore versatile educational materials for all ages that address issues of wellness and our shared human experience-to care for self and others. (6/4/11)


ART Smarthistory.org is a free, not-for-profit, multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional art history textbook. (5/28/11)


MUSIC BeatLab Draw on the grid with your mouse to make sweet beats. Save your track and give it a name. Share your creation with friends. (5/21/11)


HEALTH BodyMaps is an interactive visual search tool that allows users to explore the human body in 3-D. With easy-to-use navigation, users can search multiple layers of the human anatomy, view systems and organs down to their smallest parts, and understand in detail how the human body works. (5/21/11)


ARTS ArtsAlive.ca is Canada's National Arts Centre's performing arts educational website. Learn about orchestral music, dance, English and French language theatre, and explore engaging archival collections. (5/14/11)


MUSIC OnlinePianist is the only animated piano tutorial online. Here you can find the biggest index of piano lessons for piano music of all genres. This is the only website which enables its users to choose the piano songs which they desire to know how to play. Every piano tutorial includes free piano sheet music and notes, piano chords table, lyrics and more. (4/2/11)


MUSIC Music Tech Teacher is an extension of the music technology classroom at Central Park School in Birmingham, AL. Student work, pictures and music compositions are on the site, but it is also used to provide music technology links, quizzes, resources and information to all music teachers interested in using technology to enhance music instruction. (4/2/11)


MUSIC Weezic is an interactive site that lets students play and practice classical music. Users print sheet music from thousands of free scores and can then practice while they are accompanied by an entire digital orchestra. (3/26/11)


LANGUAGES ESLTower.com is a free ESL, EFL site that offers top quality printable and interactive English grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation exercises for teachers and students. (3/19/11)


GUIDANCE Welcome to College is a great tool to help students plan their college visiting. The site lists nearby hotels, restaurants and campus hotspots to check out. After a visit, users can rate the college and read what other students had to say as well. (3/12/11)


TRAFFIC SAFETY Ford DSFL helps young drivers improve their skills in four key areas that are critical factors in more than 60% of vehicle crashes including:hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management, and space management. (3/10/11)


LANGUAGES Tonguetide is a language-learning social network. Find other people to practice with, take one of their courses, or learn from their blogs or useful links. (3/10/11)


  MUSIC Perfect Pitch An interactive learning environment that lets users form orchestras and create their own arrangements of music from the baroque, classical, romantic, and modern periods. Clever game design, including a run-scoring assessment module, mimics action on a baseball diamond. (1/21/11)


LANGUAGES SayIt helps you pronounce words, and find definitions using your mobile phone. It's free to use although your SMS/Phone rates still apply. (1/15/11)


LANGUAGES Nabbb}er is about exchanging foreign words you've learned. It allows you save words that you have learned and follow other people and learn their words. Nabbb}er tells you "Here is a list of people learning the same language. 

Follow those with similar interests and learn from each other." (1/15/11)


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